Friday, February 1, 2013

Must Have's For Your Shoe Closet of my most favorite things. I love all styles, colors and heel heights. I'm not too picky about brands either, as long as the shoe is good quality. 

That being said, I do have some favorite she brands that I always go back to time and time again because I wear the shoes so much, I end up needing a new pair. Some of the brands are pricier than others, but they are all worth it.

Anything good enough for Jackie O is good enough for me. Their classic navajo sandals come on every color and two heel sizes, flat and wedge. A must buy for the summers on the Vineyard.

Tory hasn't been around as long as Jack Rogers, but her ballet flats are a great wardrobe staple. I also love her riding boots.

Sperry has gone far beyond the boat shoe (though those are great too!) to include great flats, moccasins and rain boots. I am a huge fan of their modified ladies boat she on gold metallic. It has a much sleeker shape than their original boat shoe. For a non-sandal alternative for summer, Sperry's are tough to beat.

Italian's sure know their shoes. This iconic brand has been around since the 1920's and it's easy to see why. What I love is the mix of classic and new styles. I am a big fan of the patent bow flats, especially the red ones. Very lady-like and chic. This shoe is right up there with the Chanel ballet flats in terms of icon status. 

All this shoe talk makes me want to run out and add a few more pairs to my collection....if only I has room in my closet! 

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