Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day Activities

Since everyone in the north east is stuck inside today (and probably tomorrow too!), I wanted to share my favorite ways to pass the time during a storm.

Curl up with a good book. I'm currently reading Habits of the House by Fay Weldon. Very Downton Abbeyesque. 

Do some baking. I feel like boredom makes you hungry so why not bake. My older sister is in my kitchen right now making chocolate chip cookies.

Catch up on your favorite TV shows. I just caught up on the latest episode of Scandal. Such a good show. Up next: the season premiere of Smash.

Online Shop. Expensive yes, but always a great way to pass the time. Gap is currently doing a 25% sale online and so is Banana Republic. 

Drink hot chocolate. I am usually a tea girl, but all this snow makes me crave a chocolate drink topped with marshmallows.

For anyone else that is snowed in, what are you planning on doing to pass the time?

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