Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey, Check This Out: Citizen Public House

So I have been thinking about sharing some more about my day-to-day life on the blog, but I have been having some trouble deciding on how to do so. I love the idea of sharing more about myself, but I want to make sure what I share is also worth while for the people that read Chic | Sparkle. 

One of the ways that I will be sharing more personal stuff is by documenting places that I go (restaurants, shops, exhibits, etc.) and sharing them here on Chic | Sparkle. I won't be posting on every place I go, but when I have a great experience, and I want to recommend it to people, I will write posts about it under the title Hey, Check This Out. 

My friend Jess organized a dinner get-together on Friday night and suggested Citizen Public house as the dinner spot. None of us (five in total) had ever been, but we had all heard great things.

The atmosphere and style of the place was great. It was lively, but not so loud that you have to shout, and the servers were laid back and friendly. When they offer you bread, say yes. It was amazing and totally with the carb count.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks before dinner and everyone loved the Cucumber Collins cocktail. Very refreshing on a very warm evening. 

Warm Ricotta with Truffle Honey (so good!)

Wild Caught Tuna Burger

Sauteed Calamari

Pasta & Sweetbreads Nightly Special

I had a lovely roasted chicken dish with spicy saffron risotto, but I was so excited about tucking into my dinner that I started eating it before my friend Phil (the camera guy) could take a picture of it. Whoops!

We didn't end up staying for dessert, but the dessert that evening (they only have one) was butterscotch pudding.

I really liked the vibe and the food at Citizen Public House and I hope to go back soon. And I will definitely be ordering dessert next time. I can't stop thinking about that butterscotch pudding.

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